Iota Ultsch has created an exciting new Spring/Summer 2012 fashion collection for her NEW brand IOTA ULTSCH, and it has JUST launched!

The IOTA ULTSCH collection marks a time of renewal. Bigger, better, bolder, Iota Ultsch has taken this opportunity to share glimpses of her Real Life collection which will be launched in Spring/Summer 2013.

The fashion collection is fresh and youthful. A contemporary twist on the classic, “Audrey on Acid” is the first release and available now in her flagship store in Second Life, KU sim.


“Audrey on Acid” is the first mesh dress in lace on the GRID! 

Breathtakingly chic, the dress is designed and textured in the actual fabrics that Iota Ultsch ordered in Paris on her recent buying trip. The colour palette represents a clear indication of fashion and textile directions for the next four seasons.

“Audrey on Acid” is about purity. Contemporary, minimal, feminine, vivid….a must have!


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