Iota Ultsch is the CEO of Tres Jolie, IOTA ULTSCH, Arxitekton and Abode, the premier destinations in Second Life for fashion, architecture and interior design.
IOTA ULTSCH ® is the latest addition to Iota Ultsch’s companies and marks a significant rebranding of the Tres Jolie collection, aligning it with the real life collection of the designer.

The Tres Jolie couture collection, in particular, is a must see for anyone with a discerning eye for innovative, luxury womenswear.

Arxitekton is the architectural division of Iota Ultsch and Abode houses the designer’s inimitable furniture collection.

Iota Ultsch draws from her real life experience as a multidisciplinary designer and architect to develop commercial and private SIMS for real life commercial entities, as a Full Service Provider in Second Life.

Iota Ultsch can be contacted on “iota.ultsch” at “”, or within Second Life to discuss your objectives in the following way:

After logging in to Second Life go to the “Search” button at the bottom of your page. Choose the “people” tab and type, iota ultsch. When the profile appears, use the “instant message” button to type your message.

IOTA ULTSCH ® is also a Real Life brand and is currently working on her first collection to be launched in time for Spring/Summer 2014.


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